Working with Product Vendors

As far as SuperSalon terminology goes, “Vendors” are defined as the fulfillment sources of products and/or supplies for the salon. In addition to retail products, Vendors can also provide tools and infrastructure materials. This article will break down the Vendors submenu as well as go over the process involved in entering a new vendor into the system. These Vendors can then be assigned to product orders and/or Product Profiles as needed.

Vendors Submenu Breakdown


Located in Manager > Vendors, this area of SuperSalon allows users to add, view, and edit vendors and wholesalers they are working with. The breakdown of this interface is as follows:

  • Add Vendor: Using this button will populate an empty vendor profile for the user to input the information needed for a new one.
  • Show Deleted: This button will take the user to a roster showing all Vendors that are no longer in use by the system. These can be reactivated when needed.
  • Vendor List: This section shows a roster of all currently configured and active Vendors recognized by the SuperSalon POS. Clicking or tapping on their individual entries will allow users to make edits as needed.

Adding a New Vendor

Entering a new Vendor into the system is an easy five-step process that can be performed by anyone who has the proper Permission clearances.

Step 1: From anywhere in the SuperSalon POS, enter the Manager menu.


Step 2: In the Manager menu, click or tap on the “Vendors” submenu, alphabetically listed on the left.


Step 3: Click or tap on the “Add Vendor” button located at the top. This will generate a blank menu with several text fields.


Step 4: Enter all required information into the given text fields, as set by the location’s management. By default, SuperSalon only requires a name.


Step 5: Click or tap on the “Save” button to lock the new Vendor into the SuperSalon POS. They can then be added to product orders, or referenced in paid outs or other scenarios.


For more information on this or any other aspect of the SuperSalon POS, feel free to contact us via phone or email, and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.