Windows 7 Rides Into the Sunset

What Does this Mean for Salon Businesses?

On January 14 of next month, Microsoft will no longer support the Windows 7 operating system. If your salon’s PC is still running Windows 7 after the support end date, Microsoft will no longer handle maintenance or support for your machine. This includes security updates, patches, and bug fixes. Customers who continue to use the unsupported version will be vulnerable to a data breach or critical system error with no recourse.

What Should Salon Owners Do?

If your salon’s PCs are still running Windows 7, upgrading them to the current Windows 10 is an urgent priority for your business. Businesses that wait to upgrade their system will be leaving critical business data vulnerable with no recourse. Luckily migrating SuperSalon between these two operating systems is an extremely easy process.

If the current salon PC can support Windows 10, you will only need to upgrade the operating system. If not, we recommend taking advantage of the timing, and upgrade to a much-needed new computer system for your salon. For those customers interested in purchasing new hardware, please contact our sales team to learn what options are available.