Why You Should Always Capture Customer Data

A healthy customer database is worth its weight in gold, and can become a source of repeat business for years to come, if maintained properly. This is why the developers of SuperSalon have gone through great lengths to make sure that each customer profile can contain the maximum amount of data for each client that visits your salon.

While in the midst of a busy workday, it’s not always easy find the time to completely fill out an entire new customer profile for each guest. This is why much of the profile is completed by way of the ticket and sales process. Salon owners have the option to include which information is critical, preventing salon staff from going forward until it is entered.

But why is this? Why is it so important to make sure you have is much data on each client as possible? This blog post will hopefully answer those questions by presenting the evidence we’ve been able to glean from decades of being a visionary leader in salon management systems.

Customer Care is a Long-term Investment

Putting too much focus on the bottom line instead of the customer experience is a trap that many salon owners fall into. However, this turns out to be self-defeating in the long run by reducing prospects for repeat business. Getting as much information on each client is a long-term investment, and will serve you well for years to come.

Don’t be a Stranger!

Clients who come into visit their favorite salons feel more welcome when the staff knows more about them. Personal services like haircuts and treatments are….well…personal. Having the ability to know your client’s preferences as soon as they walk through the door grants a sense of familiarity that will keep them always coming back.

Be True to Your Mission Statement

Whether you own a single location, or multiple ones, almost every business has a mission statement to show their core values as a company. The majority of these clearly put the customer’s needs in front is a priority. Don’t just say it, live it by knowing everything you can about every client, and using that to make their experience something they would never go to someone else for.

These are just some of the reasons why capturing as much customer data as you can is important to a salon business. For owners of multiple locations, the Centralized Customer Database is a tool that can keep one customer profile for all locations in a single account. Contact our sales department today, and ask them how you can get started with this resource to really take customer cutter to another level!