What it’s Like to Work at SuperSalon: Training and Implementations

In order for us to achieve the success and market share that we enjoy, we at SuperSalon have relied on one of the best teams in the industry. Every one of us, from our live support department to our upper management and directors, are committed to our company mission, and to the success of every client we have the privilege to serve.

Our corporate culture is one of good-natured collaboration between peers. With a very large percentage of our staff being comprised of people who have been with the company for over 10 years, this collaboration has been developed over time to to be extremely effective. Adding to this effectiveness is the diversity of our staff which brings different perspectives from literally around the world.

The majority of roles in our company are carried out remotely, and we have staff members on almost every continent. This not only cuts operating costs, it also gives peace of mind to staff members who are able to perform their duties from the comfort of their homes. We have also been a paperless office since the early 2000’s, illustrating our commitment to the environment.

Training and Implementations Teams Embracing First Contact

The first point of contact between new frontline users of SuperSalon, both the Training and the Implementation departments are charged to getting new clients up and running as quickly as possible. The managers of both departments have been with us for several years, and Melanie Fajth,  the manager of Implementations had this to say about her favorite memory with the company:

Last summer when we were having a lot of trouble with our onsite contractor, I was calling customers to get feedback and one of the customers was so appreciative that we were calling and asking their opinions on how to improve our process.

This speaks very closely to our commitment of constant improvement in both our offerings and the way we introduce them to the public. This commitment is also valued and shared by the manager of the actual Training department, Zach Lamme, who recently had this to say about constantly taking the tasks of his role to the next level:

This varies on an individual basis, but if I’m training someone that has no computer experience, I go the extra mile and record extra sessions with them, send them those recordings for reference and push them to learn to use our resources as much as possible

We are lucky to have both of these great managers on our staff, and the teams that they oversee are appreciative of their thoroughness and professionalism. Stay tuned for more insights into the inner workings of the team here at SuperSalon, and be sure to bookmark the “Careers” section on our website for new opportunities to come join us!