What are the Costs of NOT Using a Salon Management System?

The beauty industry at large has come along way since the days of tiny barbershops and humble neighborhood beauty salons. While some of these smaller salon businesses still do exist and thrive in some places, even they find themselves in the need for modern management systems to both organize and optimize their businesses.

Pen and paper solutions in the Digital Era simply do not give business owners everything they need to get the most from their enterprise. With modern technology comes better solutions to challenges that are unique to the beauty industry. Two of these challenges, payroll and revenue loss, will be explored in this blog post to illustrate the pitfalls in staying behind in the times.

Payroll Pitfalls with Pen and Paper

Modern salon management systems with updated software can prevent many of the issues that arise when businesses rely on outdated methods for payroll. One of the most common issues is the incorrect tabulation of hours, especially when overtime and/or vacation hours come into the mix. Having a robust software-based management system eliminates this problem almost immediately.

Another area of payroll mismanagement common with older methods is tip management. Because many stylists and other salon staff are dependent on tips to supplement their income, it can become an area of great chaos if not managed correctly. Eliminating any questions or opportunities for abuse with tipping is one of the first benefits adopters of software based management systems notice.

Loss of Revenue

SuperSalon and other software-based salon management solutions track every movement of revenue to and from the salon business. Everything from paid ins, paying out to vendors, and other revenue movements are tabulated and stored in a cloud-based database for reporting and review by the business owner.

Relying on outdated methods to track a salon business is revenue can accurately be compared to herding cats. There are so many moving parts, and so many areas of potential exploitation, it is extremely difficult to find the profitability one is looking for. Simply having a cash register on site doesn’t do much to alleviate this pitfall.

SuperSalon has been an industry leader in salon management systems for multiple decades now. Don’t let outdated methods of managing your salon enterprise hold you back from the profits and business success you deserve. Call or email us today on current pricing, and we would be happy to tell you the rest of our story.