Using the SuperSalon Appointment Book

With salons re-opening all over the country, and the ongoing concern with the spread of COVID-19, salon businesses will need to organize and regiment their businesses accordingly. An excellent tool to help with this is SuperSalon’s Appointment Book. It allows salons to better protect both clients and staff by organizing access to their locations based on bookings. This helps with both social distancing and to prevent crowding.

Shown below is a recent webinar given by Davis Duncan that goes over the ins and outs of the Appointment Book feature. Those who are not familiar with this part of SuperSalon will find it to be invaluable for structuring a salon’s workload during this troubling time.

To learn more, check out the SuperSalon Knowledge Base. In it are step-by-step guides as well as instructional videos to help you and your staff get the most out of SuperSalon’s Appointment Book and other features.

  • Booking Appointments
  • Setting Appointment Blocks
  • Confirming Appointments
  • Converting Appointments into Tickets
  • Editing Appointments
  • Canceling Appointments