Using Technology to Improve Marketing Efforts

It wasn’t until very recently that business owners in all sectors of the economy had to rely on expensive and unreliable methods to give their enterprises visibility. With the emergence of the Digital Age, however, print and broadcast methods of advertising have taken a backseat to online presence and direct engagement.

We now live in an era where social media influencers carry just as much, if not more, clout than celebrity endorsements. Businesses now rise and fall with the tide of online reviews and social media mentions.

While this may seem intimidating at first, business owners should take heart knowing that the playing field is now more level than it has ever been in regards to marketing and advertising. Embracing the Digital age has been a guiding philosophy with SuperSalon, and this blog post will showcase some of the suggestions we have for salon owners who are just starting out.

Ramp Up Your Online Presence!

Social media accounts are usually free for individuals and businesses to start up, and they have proven themselves to be more effective than print and broadcast advertising. For almost no initial investment, a salon can begin effectively marketing to the public in ways only dreamed of not too long ago. Some of the most popular networks are:

  • Instagram: Use this social media network to post pictures of your salon staff’s best work, artistic representations of your locations, or other images.
  • Twitter: Share relevant news stories, broadcast important business announcements, and directly engage the public with this popular network.
  • Facebook: Easily the most popular social network, business owners can use this for all of the advantages listed in the previous two, and combining all three creates a powerhouse of marketing potential.

Use SalonCheckin and SuperSalon Mobile App

One of the most popular power tools of the SuperSalon salon management system, SalonCheckin works as a portal for salon clients to book their appointments and engage with salon staff. A website is created where all of the locations’ information, social media accounts, and directions are easily accessible. Coupled with the Mobile App, this effective method of engaging the public has been indispensable for the hundreds of salon owners who use it.

If you are using SuperSalon, but not SalonCheckin for the Mobile App, you are missing out on a lot of marketing potential. For more information on how to get started, contact our Sales department today, and see how easy it is to create that online presence every salon business needs!