Using SuperSalon to Further your Brand

Small businesses like beauty salons don’t always have don’t always have astronomical budgets for marketing and branding purposes. Getting your name out there is largely a function of word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied clients, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The SuperSalon salon management system has many bells and whistles to help business owners make a name for themselves.

This post will go over just a few of the ways salon owners can utilize SuperSalon and iOffice to help them put their best face forward. While many of these tools are enhancement modules that are separate from the basic SuperSalon installation, there are also quite a few resources that come with SuperSalon automatically that can help with this as well.

SuperSalon Out of the Box Branding Tools

In addition to allowing salon owners to use their customized logo as the welcome page of SuperSalon, there are other areas of the system that can greatly assist in branding as well. And while they may require supporting resources such as physical gift certificates, configuring them in SuperSalon are all part of the basic set up. The best three we recommend are as follows:

  • Gift Certificates: Creating customized gift certificates in SuperSalon is an extremely easy process, and can help salon businesses get their name out to the public with very little investment.
  • Loyalty Programs: Program such as clubs and memberships can easily be configured in SuperSalon. With these, returning customers are almost guaranteed, as are recommendations to their friends and family.
  • Customer Points and Series Sales: Much like the previously mentioned loyalty programs, these features of SuperSalon are excellent for generating word-of-mouth advertising.

Enhancement Modules for Branding your Salon

SuperSalon’s library of enhancement modules include several that were designed to assist with the marketing and branding efforts for salon businesses, both large and small. Although they may incur additional charges, many of these tend to pay for themselves almost immediately in the form of regular traffic to salon locations. Our favorite three in this category are:

  • Salon Check in/Mobile App: By far our best enhancement module for brand recognition, this extended feature allow salon clients to book their visits on a customized website with the salons branding.
  • Reserve with Google: Likewise, this extended feature also allows salon clients to book their visits to salon locations, using our partnership with Google.
  • Rate My Visit: Knowing that a salon business is eager and willing to hear feedback from their client base does wonders for word-of-mouth advertising, making this enhancement feature excellent as well.

Stay tuned for more posts on how SuperSalon can help you realize the success you would like to see from your salon business. For more information on the features listed above, feel free to peruse our Knowledge Base. Our commitment to our clients’ success is something we take very seriously, and if you have any questions, please let us know!