Updating Sales Tax Quickly and Easily

Changes to state and local tax policies can often be fast and unexpected. Keeping up with these rates and changes to percentages, and then applying them to individual locations has the potential to be a very bothersome chore. Luckily, business owners who use SuperSalon and iOffice have a utility at their disposal to quickly update all of their locations to the current tax rate, as mandated by their state and municipal authorities.

This article will briefly go over the operations of the Sales Tax Update Utility located in iOffice which was designed to make this chore a lot less tedious.

Creating the CSV Spreadsheet

The new tax rates will need to be input into a spreadsheet using the CSV (comma separated values) format. Microsoft Excel, and the other freeware alternatives to this program all have the ability to create this form of spreadsheet. The columns for sales tax should be labeled as follows:

  • DB Name
  • Rate
  • Name
  • AppliesToAllProducts
  • AppliesToAllServices
  • ReplacementTax
  • Code
  • Delete

Taxes to services only will require only these columns:

  • DB Name
  • Code
  • Tax Name
  • Behavior
  • Delete

Applying the Spreadsheet to iOffice

Now with the spreadsheet created, all that is left is to upload it to the utility and iOffice, following the steps below.

Step 1: From anywhere in iOffice, click or tap on the “Setup” link in the upper array.


Step 2: Click or tap on the “Sales Tax Update Utility” link, located on the left.


Step 3: Click or tap on the “Choose File” button in either the Sales or Service Tax rows.


Step 4: Navigate to the saved spreadsheet, click or tap on it, and then click or tap on “Open”.


Step 5: Click or tap on the “Submit” button to upload the CSV spreadsheet to iOffice.


With the sheet uploaded, all of the tax rates will be changed upon the locations’ next standard upload. For more information on how SuperSalon can help manage your business to its fullest potential, please give us a call or send us an email, and we will be happy to assist you.