Understanding SuperSalon’s Color Codes

The Wait / Serve screen in the Sales tab of SuperSalon’s point of sale can be compared to the dashboard of a vehicle, with a healthy amount of information being constantly displayed. Though most users are familiar with the basic operations and meanings of the buttons, some users are still unaware that the colors of the tickets themselves are also an indicator of several possible statuses.

At the bottom of the Wait / Serve screen is a quick legend of these color statuses, and it can be seen highlighted in red in our image below. The Appointment tab is also color coded, with each color signifying everything from confirmations to the availability of resources. This allows managers and other staff members to be able to simply click into the Appointment tab itself and get an accurate picture of the workday.

Becoming familiar with these color codes can save your staff a lot of time during a busy workday, and a quick visual reference guide is available in our Master Document List, located on the home page of iOffice. A quick rundown of the most vital to know is as follows:

Wait Serve Screen

Wait / Serve Screen. Click to enlarge.

Wait / Serve Screen

  • Orange = A Ticket currently being serviced, and can be either a Quick Sale, or an existing customer. Service time is also being tabulated for the staff member performing the service.
  • Pink = A Ticket that is currently on hold for any number of reasons. Service time is not being tabulated for the ticket at this time.
  • Yellow = A Ticket that is currently being settled via the Checkout screen, can also be a Quick Sale.
  • Beige = A Ticket that is currently in the Waiting status, with total wait time being tabulated for the purposes of reports.

Appointment Screen

  • Sky Blue = An Appointment that has not yet been confirmed, and therefore unable to be moved into Waiting or Servicing.
  • Purple = An Appointment that has not yet arrived at its designated time.
  • Charcoal = An Appointment that us unable to proceed due to the lack of a required resource.
  • Blue with Purple Outline = A scheduled Appointment that contains multiple services on one ticket.

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