Turning your Data into Profits!

Users of the SuperSalon salon management system enjoy a comprehensive suite of tools to help them realize their vision of a successful salon enterprise. Over time, as SuperSalon’s database accumulates more information about clients and their activities, the resources at salon owners’ fingertips become even more comprehensive.

Many locations don’t even realize the treasure trove of data they have at their disposal that can then be used to increase profit margins significantly. This post will go over just some of the ways SuperSalon helps business owners use its data to create new and effective revenue streams that can be used several times over.

The Customer Database

This valuable feature of SuperSalon is capable of storing an enormous amount of data for each client who visits your location. Use this to create customized promotions and/or personalized outreach to clients who share the same data points. Here are some good examples:

  • Personalized birthday greetings via SMS, or even direct phone call.
  • Following up those greetings with a special discount as a birthday gift.
  • Researching which clients from a given area (such as ZIP Code) pay the most when visiting, and tailoring a marketing push for them to return.

SuperSalon’s Reporting Capabilities

The reporting features in SuperSalon are second to none in the beauty industry. With literally hundreds of prefabricated reports at salon owners’ disposal, there is no area of a salon business that SuperSalon cannot track. Taking this a step further and using the Customized Report Writer allows users to take that research to the next level.  Using this data to increase profits is quite easy:

  • Forecasting trends in customer preferences and popular services can help salon owners stay ahead of the game when it comes to marketing efforts.
  • Labor costs can be reduced by using resources like the Schedule Forecast report to accurately track where staff are needed most, thereby adding more to the bottom line.
  • Underperforming products and/or services can be eliminated from the location by checking their sales statistics.

These are just some of the ways that SuperSalon can go above and beyond a simple point-of-sale and reporting system. The data captured in SuperSalon and iOffice can help a savvy business owner increase their profit margins several times over. The customer database, and the reporting features included out-of-the-box are literal fountains of information that can be used towards overall business success.

If you are not currently using the Custom Report Writer, we urge you to take advantage of this resource and see for yourself why its users find it indispensable. Get started today by contacting us at sales@propointglobal.com or our support department to learn all of its incredible features and flexibility.