Transferring Items to and from the Backbar

Shuffling display and back bar items between statuses is made very easy with the SuperSalon salon management system. Using the Inventory Manager, salon staff can perform this task quickly and efficiently with only a hand scanner. The step-by-step instructions presented in this blog post are intended to be used by staff members who have access to the Inventory Manager via the permissions settings.

Transferring Back bar and Display Items between Statuses

Step 1: The Inventory Manager is located in the Manager tab of SuperSalon. From here, the item that is to be transferred can be searched for by scanning the UPC code, or drilling down to it using the interface shown below.

Step 2: When the correct item has been located and selected,click or tap on the “Transfer In”, or “Transfer Out” button, as shown in the illustrated example below.

Step 3: Choose a reason for the transfer by filling in the appropriate bubble with a single click or tap on the touchscreen. There is also an option for users to enter a a customized reason via the “Other” text field as well, making the choice not limited to “Backbar”.

Step 4: Now set the correct quantity of items to be transferred by entering the number into the “Qty” text field, as shown below. Also, be sure to keep the “Cost” field empty during this operation.

Step 5: Complete the operation by clicking or tapping on the”Update Product” button, or hit the Enter key on the keyboard. This will complete the transfer in the inventory manager, and allow the items to either be used as back bar/display items, or go back into the sell-able inventory pool.

This is just one of many common salon tasks that SuperSalon streamlines and makes effortless. For more information on the Inventory Manager, there are several articles in our Knowledge Base on this tool, and we encourage you to check them out along with their associated video tutorials.