Tips for Internet and Credit Card Outages

Though you may not experience them often, outages in required business services can result in lost revenue and delays in customer service. When an internet service provider has an interruption of service, credit card processing can often grind to a crawl (with telephone authorizations) or stop completely.

powerSuperSalon also loses the ability to upload data to iOffice during times of network outages. It does, however, resume the process when connectivity returns. This article will show you some options that are available when a loss of critical service occurs.

Internet Outage

When your internet service provider experiences an outage, rectifying the issue is out of the hands of the ProPoint technical support team. However, the following steps can help you maintain productivity during such an outage:

  • Contact the support department of your internet provider to confirm the outage in your area and as for an ETA for restored connectivity.
  • Check the physical cable connections to all computers, routers and modems in the business location to ensure everything is in order.
  • Power cycle the modem or router, along with any wireless extenders, and wait at least 15 seconds. After that time, plug the appliances back in and check to see if connectivity has been restored.

Credit Card Processor Outage

Users of stand-alone payment systems should notify their merchant banking provider immediately when card processing is interrupted. Support staff at ProPoint can only provide troubleshooting for integrated partner processors and support at this level is limited in scope. SuperSalon users who use integrated solutions should follow these steps:

  • Confirm that the outage is the card processor and not an internet outage by testing the connection. Open a browser window to ensure you have connectivity.
  • Reboot the PC and run a test transaction when the POS has fully reloaded. Oftentimes a simple reboot can correct these issues.
  • If the problem persists, contact ProPoint support department directly. Our staff can test all appropriate settings and confirm the outage with the provider. If the outage is system-wide, there may be a high call volume.

The good news is that situations such as there are rare. But, should they happen, you can rely on ProPoint Solutions for support and guidance.

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