Thriving in a Competitive Market with SuperSalon

Business owners competing in the beauty market need a special mix of cunning and determination to survive. This is probably best illustrated by the fact that 80% of all beauty salons fail within the first 18 months of their operation. SuperSalon users can take comfort in addition to a world class salon management system, they are also have a dedicated partner who is committed to their success.

How SuperSalon Can Help You Stay Ahead

The key to any successful business is repeat clients, and this is especially true with the beauty industry. Salons tend to see their clients less than once a month, and they have to create a strong enough impression to keep their clients coming back. Crafting the best possible customer experience to keep them coming back is vital to the survival of the enterprise.

Here are some of the ways SuperSalon can help create that strong impression.

Referral Programs
SuperSalon allows for the creation of referral programs that can offer your guests a discount to refer a friend or family member to your salon. Creating such a discount could be done quickly and can go a long way towards ensuring repeat business.

Comb the SuperSalon Customer Database
Salon owners who utilize SuperSalon and iOffice have access to one of the most comprehensive marketing tools they can get their hands on: the customer database. Owners can leverage the customer database to focus their marketing efforts where they will be the most effective, and use our canned reports to see the marketing efforts that are most effective

Power Tools
SuperSalon offers additional features outside the basic package that were designed to simplify the process of going to the salon. SalonCheckin, Rate My Visit, and SMS messaging improve communication between the salon and their customers, and help improve the overall experience.

For more information on any of the above features and functions of SuperSalon and iOffice, check out our Knowledge Base, or feel free to get in touch with our sales team.