The Convenience of Quick Keys

SuperSalon has many features that assist its users in moving through the ticket and sales process as quickly as possible. One of these is the Quick Keys feature that appears in the Checkout screen, just prior to final settlement. These allow users to quickly add the most popular products or services to each ticket, with a single touch.

Quick Keys versus Drilling Down

The illustrated example below shows the Quick Keys highlighted in green, and the standard radial menu just to the left of it. Users of SuperSalon have the choice of using either of these resources to select the service or retail product the client has requested. During busy times, having to navigate several submenus in the radial menu can be confusing and inconvenient.

Checkout Favorites


Manual and Dynamic Quick Key Options

There are two possible modes for how Quick Keys appear in the “Favorites” menu of the Checkout screen, or in the “Top Services” of the Appointment Book. And these are broken down as follows:

  • Dynamic: When users set their Quick Keys to this mode, the Favorites section of the Checkout screen will determine the most popular products and services, based on past sales history.
  • Manual: Setting Quick Keys to this mode will allow users and business owners to determine how these will appear in each section, and in what order.

Each of these modes can be configured and selected from the “Quick Keys” submenu of the Manager Tab of SuperSalon and iOffice. Further, the modes are interchangeable between products and services as well, meaning that locations are not beholden to a single mode for all Favorites options.

For more information on Quick Keys, and instructions on how to configure them for each of the different modes, check out our Knowledge Base article on the subject. And as always, if you have any other questions or concerns about any of our offerings, please let us know via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you.