The Centralized Customer Database for SuperSalon

SuperSalon has plenty of powerful tools that allow its users to get the most out of both the software and their customer loyalty efforts. The most robust of these Power Tools is the Centralized Customer Database (CCD).

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SuperSalon’s CCD Power Tool gives businesses with multiple locations the ability to share a single customer list among each store, along with changes and purchase histories. Having a single, unified customer list can help business owners in specialized marketing campaigns, promotional packages and other campaigns that enhance customer loyalty.

Getting started with CCD is easy and only requires SuperSalon 5.6 or higher, some quick set up in the point of sale unit and a high-speed internet connection. The monthly fee of $20.00 can quickly pay for itself in the form of return visits.

Using CCD is also easy. When a new customer is created and saved, the customer’s data is sent to the CCD and a unique customer ID is created for that customer. That ID is then sent back down to the salon and stored in the customer table in the SuperSalon database.

When a  customer’s record is accessed thought the customer pop-up or the Customer tab in the Manager section, a request is sent to the server to gather the latest information for that customer using the CCD ID number. If no ID number exists, the information is not queried. If any new updates to the customer information is found, CCD syncs the data down to the salon’s point of sale and the new information is displayed for the user.

When a customer’s information is updated and saved (like when a sale is made at another location), the new information is sent to the CCD. This keeps the customer information up to date and accurate, making it easier to reach your customer base through campaigns and marketing initiatives.

This secure, encrypted flow of data is the backbone for several SuperSalon Power Tools and relays up to date, reliable data to all of your locations.

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