Synchronizing Salon Permission Settings

The store sync feature of iOffice is one of its most useful and widely used tools for accounts that have multiple locations. With it, users are able to establish and equalize several aspects of their salon business across each location. In this article, we are going to focus on the Permission settings, and the proper way to synchronize them to each store in the account.

Performing a Store Sync for Permissions

Step 1: From anywhere in the iOffice cloud management and backup system, click or tap on the “Store Sync” tab in the upper array.


Step 2: Select “Permissions” from the list that populates in the left column.


Step 3: In the given drop-down, click or tap on the correct location that will serve as the “Master” for the synchronization.


Step 4: Using the only drop-down in the “Select Options” column of the Permissions Sync interface, determine whether or not Permission Groups not found in the “Master” location will be deleted from the receiving location.


Step 5: Review work, and verify that all information is correct.


Step 6: In the right column, click or tap on the individual locations who will be the “receiving” salons for the synchronization, and the user can select multiple locations by pressing the CTRL key while clicking or tapping.


Step 7: Review work, and verify that all information is correct for a second time.


Step 8: Click or tap on the “Synchronize Test” button.


Step 9: A pop-up menu will then generate, showing any errors that may have been experienced during the test. A more detailed explanation of any errors will be explained in the “Synchronize Messages” text field.


Step 10: Resolve any errors that may be reported by the test, and if there are none, proceed to the next step.


Step 11: Review work, and verify that all information is correct for a third time.


Step 12: Click or tap on the “Synchronize Stores” button to finalize the store synchronization. This may take several minutes, depending on the size of the data being transferred.