SuperSalon’s Upload System at a Glance

The bridge between SuperSalon and iOffice is the upload functionality of the Point of Sal. We’ve called it UpSys and developed it to work in the background with minimal intervention from end users. After UpSys has been properly deployed, it’s important to understand how the functionality works.

Here’s a quick look at SuperSalon’s Upload System and how it maintains data integrity between SuperSalon and iOffice.

UpSys Functions at a Glance

  • Runs in the background and it invisible to end users
  • Runs continuously throughout the day
  • UpSys handles uploads even while transactions are being processed
  • Keeps iOffice accounting consistently current
  • Changes made in iOffice are pushed to salon locations quickly
  • If POS fails, back-up data is current
  • Re-sends data if errors are detected
  • Uses best encryption schemes and features improved security
Upload System Settings - Click to Enlarge

Upload System Settings – Click to Enlarge

Viewing and Editing Upload System Settings

  1. Version
    The status section provides technical support the version information.
  2. Settings
    The setting section is to be set by technical support staff.
  3. Dial-up Account
    For salons that have not yet obtained high-speed internet connections, this section allows you to input your dial-up number and other credentials.
  4. Misc
    This section determines rows of data sent and in what time zone the POS is situated.
  5. Schedule
    Interval and List selections.
  6. Interval
    This allows you to set when uploads launch, how often they happen throughout the day and at what time they stop.
  7. Listed
    Uploads only launch at designated times.
  8. Auto Reboot
    This determines what time the PC will automatically restart and is left blank if no Auto Reboot is needed.

For more information on this, or any other SuperSalon feature, please don’t hesitate to contact us!