SuperSalon’s Salon Dashboard Report

When initially formulating reports for SuperSalon and iOffice, our development team worked to create a singular report that would be the one-stop source for all the relevant information a business owner would need. The information needed to be presented clearly enough to be reviewed at a glance. The result of this effort is the Salon Dashboard Report, located under the Sales category in your Reports menu.

The example below shows a demonstration version of the Salon Dashboard Report and reflects just one day of information. The report can also be run for date ranges over a given time span and, in iOffice, it can be run for several salon locations at once.

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SuperSalon users will notice that the information is organized into nine separate sections. These are broken down as follows:

  1. Sales Data
    All of the accumulated revenue for the location, in the given time frame, is presented in this section of the report. Information on tips, taxes and paid outs are also displayed, along with the service and product revenue.
  2. Closeout Data
    Information on underages and overages of the till, along with deposit and payment method information, are found in this section of the report.
  3. Transaction Breakdown
    This area of the report shows you both a numeric- and a percentage-based breakdown of which payment methods were used during the given time frame.
  4. Statistical Data
    This section shows a quick statistical breakdown of what purchases were made at the location, how long clients waited to be served and other customer service based data.
  5. Guest Detail Breakdown
    More customer service based information can be gleaned from this area of the report. It shows numeric-, percentile- and revenue-based summaries of client activity and demographics for the given time frame.
  6. Employee Detail Breakdown
    Quick information on the performance of staff members, during the given time frame, is presented in this section of the report. Everything from hours worked, sales statistics, amount of requests and other important data can be seen in this area.
  7. Service Detail Data
    The popularity and performance of a location’s services can be seen, at a glance, in this area of the Salon Dashboard. Everything a business owner would need to know about which services are most popular, along with that services are the most discounted, can be reviewed here.
  8. Top Brands List
    A quick breakdown of which product brands perform best, in a given time frame, is shown in this bottom area of the report. Numeric, percentile and revenue data is found in this section.
  9. Top 10 Discounts
    A roster of the most popular and widely used discounts for a location is located in the last section of the Salon Dashboard Report. From here, business owners can view how well their marketing and promotional campaigns are performing for a given time frame.

SuperSalon’s Salon Dashboard Report provides a concise, easy to understand report format that can help salon owners keep on top of their sales and marketing efforts.

Questions on this or other SuperSalon report features? Feel free to contact us here.