SuperSalon’s Point of Sale and Cash Drawer Settings

SuperSalon’s point of sale supports a wide range of related peripheral devices, such as pole displays and biometric scanners. This hardware support has been an integral part of SuperSalon since its first commercial release. One critical peripheral device is the cash drawer. This article will illustrate the different settings for the cash drawer in SuperSalon and demonstrate what they control.

Below is the Cash Drawer Setup interface, located in the main Setup menu. From here, you can troubleshoot problems, configure settings and more. The following descriptions give a more detailed breakdown of each section.

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Test Button
In situations where the cash drawer has become unresponsive, this button tests connectivity between the cash drawer and computer.

Save Button
Any changes to settings, or the connection of a new device, are saved in the system by using this button.

Enable Cash Drawer Logging
This setting activates a service that monitors the logins used while the cash drawer is open. The Audit Trail report shows this activity in detail.

Connected Through Printer
If the cash drawer has been daisy-chained with the receipt printer, this box should remain checked.

Port Drop-Down
With this drop-down, the user can select which communication port on the computer the cash drawer will be connected to.

Open String
This unique sequence is generated automatically when the cash drawer is first installed on the point of sale and is manufacturer specific.

Cash Drawer Logging Service Controls
If you have opted to activate the “Enable Cash Drawer Logging” setting, this section monitors whether it is running or not. It also gives you the ability to restart the service if it has been stopped.

This overview should help familiarize you and your staff with SuperSalon’s cash drawer settings. If you have questions on this or any other SuperSalon feature, be sure to get in touch with us here.