Committed to Eliminating Paper Waste

In recent years, a global consensus has been achieved that asks us to make the commitment to pass a healthier planet to the next generation. Governments and private enterprises around the world are working together to ensure that environmental goals are achieved before situations become out of control.

ProPoint Solutions, the parent company of SuperSalon, has long been a staunch believer in environmental responsibility. This commitment can be seen in both the way we operate on a day-to-day basis, as well as the features we have integrated into our offerings. We intend to stay true to this conviction as a way of doing our own small part for The Earth.

ProPoint Solutions is a Paperless Office

The move for us to operate without any paper waste was implemented several years ago. This policy has significantly cut operating costs, made several tasks more efficient, and sped up the decision-making workflow. All important documents are securely backed up, office space is far less cluttered, and we are doing our part to make a difference.

Further, we promote our staff to work remotely from home. All company memos and announcements are sent via email and our internal chat applications. And the lack of a morning commute also contributes greatly to the reduction of air pollution in the cities where they live, making the company’s commitment to the environment even more significant.

Using SuperSalon and iOffice to go Paperless

SuperSalon was originally created in Alaska to allow salon owners to manage several locations spread out over a wide area. It was not at all uncommon for these owners to have to book charter flights within the same state in order to conduct routine inspections. Because of this, our salon management software has always been backed up by it’s cloud management platform, iOffice.

IOffice enables business owners to see every aspect of their salon enterprise by way of its robust reporting features. This completely eliminates the need to constantly print out statistics and other data for meetings and manual reviews. At the locations themselves, schedules are completely paperless, as are its appointment booking and sign in features.

This year we have taken our commitment even further by implementing a new email receipt feature that will reduce paper waste even more. With it, salon clients can receive their receipts instantly on their mobile device for review and record-keeping purposes. For more information on this new feature, please contact our Sales department to learn more.

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