SuperSalon’s Centralized Customer Database: An Updated Overview

Very few of SuperSalon’s extended features have been more popular than the Centralized Customer Database (CCD). In fact, since we first wrote about it in 2015, hundreds of salons all over the United States and Canada have begun to utilize it in their day-to-day operations. This blog post will go over some of its capabilities, the requirements needed to participate, as well as give an overview of some of its operations.

What does it synchronize, and how much does it cost?

The Centralized Customer Database will keep all of the following metrics uniform across all locations in the participating account.

  • Name, address and contact information
  • Service notes and chemical cards
  • Loyalty points and customer points
  • Prior visit history (but not transactional data)

To get started with this extended feature, contact ProPoint Sales Representatives at 888-458-1001 Ext-3, or Once the CCD has been activated for an account, the following steps are needed to set it up in SuperSalon.

Enabling the CCD in SuperSalon

Step 1: From anywhere in SuperSalon, select the Setup > Software Settings > Marketing > Centralized Customer Data interface.



Step 2: Enable the “Show World Search“ button by toggling the green check mark.



Step 3: Activate “Enable Auto-Update During Customer Selection” with the green check mark.


Step 4: Select “Save” in the lower right corner.


Using the Centralized Customer Database

Creating a New Customer

When a new customer is created and saved, the customer’s data is sent to the CCD (World Customer Database) and a unique customer ID is created for that customer. That ID is then sent back down to the salon and stored in the customer table.



Accessing a Customer

When a customer is accessed either through the customer pop-up or the Manager > Customer tab, a request is sent to the server to gather the latest information for that customer if they have an CCD ID. If no CCD ID exists for that customer it does not query for this information.


If any new updates to the customer information is found it syncs the data down to the salon and the new synced information will be displayed to the user.

We are very proud of the progress and ongoing development of this valuable tool. We know that it has assisted several of our partnered salons realize the vision of their salon enterprise by enhancing the customer experience, and streamlining marketing efforts.