SuperSalon’s Appointment Book and Customers

SuperSalon’s Appointment Book is one of the features that has received the most fine-tuning and attention from Rogers Software Development. Over the years, the Appointment Book has evolved from a simple entry form to the dynamic power tool it is today. Many SuperSalon users even utilize the Appointment Book as the primary sales screen for their point of sale. And, with the many options and features available, it’s easy to see why.

This article will take you through some of the options available from within SuperSalon’s Appointment Book that can make working with customers and appointments as fast and simple.

After an appointment has been created and entered into the system, selecting it from the Appointment Book will generate a pop-up, similar to the one shown below. From here, several changes can be made to the appointment itself as well as customer details.

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The upper section of this pop-up allows you to send the ticket into Waiting, Servicing or Checkout status by simply clicking or tapping on the desired status. The next section, headed “Demographics” is where the Request Type and Customer Source can both be changed on the fly, without having to change the status of the ticket.

Under the “Edit Service”, you can reschedule the appointment as well as change duration or delete it completely from the ticket.

The lower part of the interface contains eight buttons that perform the following functions:

  • Delete Itinerary
    This deletes the appointment from the Appointment Book and treats it as a no-show for reporting purposes.
  • Print Itinerary
    Selecting this button generates a hard-copy summary from the receipt printer that contains the date, time, service and requested employee.
  • Confirm Appointment
    Using this button will turn the the appointment to green inside the Appointment Book. This signifies that the customer has confirmed with staff that they will arrive for their appointment. This can also be reversed, when needed.
  • Customer Information
    Tapping this button will open the client’s customer profile from the database. From here, any changes or amendments to customer details can be made.
  • Add Service
    This button opens a dialog to add another requested service to the appointment and adjusts appointment time accordingly.
  • Notes
    This allows you to attach both temporary and permanent notes to the appointment.
  • Reschedule Itinerary
    Using this opens a dialog that allows you to reschedule the client’s appointment for the selected service.
  • Make Recurring
    Click or tap this button to generate a pop-up (shown below). This allows you to automatically schedule the service on a recurring basis. This is ideal for repeat business.
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This is just on area of the Appointment Book that has been designed to be feature-rich in a small footprint. The interface has come a long way and, in SuperSalon 5.8, we have included the ability to zoom in and out; giving you a better picture of the week’s traffic.

If you have questions about SuperSalon’s Appointment Book, or any of its features, be sure to contact us here.