The SuperSalon UpSys and Internet Settings

In order to facilitate regular communications between SuperSalon’s point of sale and iOffice, a process runs in the background that we call the UpSys service. In earlier versions of SuperSalon, the upload process was often done manually. Now, however, the process runs automatically in the background with little to no user interaction needed.

This article will illustrate the features included in the Internet Settings sub-menu of the Setup tab that relate to the UpSys service. This service can assist you in tracking upload progress, and it can help technical support in identifying issues. Shown below is the Internet Settings sub-menu as it appears in SuperSalon 5.8, followed by an explanation for each section of the sub-menu.

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Upload Systems (UpSys)

Beneath this header of the sub-menu is a display of which versions of the UpSys and PHP services are currently running on the SuperSalon POS. These version numbers represent a reference point for technical support, should the need for assistance arise. Under the version display is an array of buttons whose functions are as follows:

  • UpSys Status
    This button displays important networking information pertaining to SuperSalon’s connection to the internet. In addition to IP address and DNS settings, it also displays the current connectivity of the computer as well as the operating state of the UpSys service. Restarting the service can be done from this section.
  • Upload Overview
    When this button is utilized, it will display a report of all recently attempted uploads, their statuses and a detailed breakdown of each phase of the upload process.
  • Upload Estimate
    This displays which tables in the SuperSalon database are being uploaded with each UpSys action.
  • DB Validation Report
    Generally used by technical support, this report gives a breakdown of the current status of the SuperSalon database.
  • Save Settings
    Using this button will save any changes made to this sub-menu.


The two text fields located underneath this heading contain the login credentials used by the UpSys service to communicate with iOffice. These are assigned by ProPoint technical support, and the option to change the credentials is available using the Click to Change button.


This section establishes the maximum number of database rows to transfer in a single upload, as well as the time zone for your location.


Uploads can be scheduled to run at regular intervals throughout the course of the day or at specifically established times. This area of the Internet Setting sub-menu allows you to establish the time interval in minutes. It also allows you to set exact times for uploads to run. Here, you have the choice of seven specific times of day for uploading, or you can select a specific interval.

An Auto Reboot feature is also included in this sub-menu and it allows the point of sale to be restarted at a specific time.

All of these features allow you to have as much control over the communication process with iOffice as possible. You can tailor these settings to meet the specific needs of each of your locations easily and quickly.

If you have questions on this or any other SuperSalon feature, be sure to get in touch with us here.