SuperSalon Time Clock Reports

The Time Clock Reports feature in SuperSalon salon management software has many tools that allow your staff members to stay up to date on their schedules, catch up on appointments for the day and check their performance for the current pay period.

The interface was designed to pack as many features as possible in one place, giving your staff a one-stop spot to get ready for their workday.

The Time Clock screen also allows users to print three mini reports directly to the receipt printer. The Reports button, in the lower array, gives access to all three. This article will show you the functions associated with each one as they appear in the example below.

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Mini Production Report
This quick report gauges employee servicing and sales performance for the given day. It is a more condensed version of the Production Report that is generally used by management staff, located in the Reports tab. It includes:

  • A Sales Summary that shows all Product, Service and Request revenue accumulated for the day
  • An average of sales performance per hour
  • Number of customer visits and haircuts performed
  • A summary of pay period performance

Mini Itemized Report
This mini report displays a concise breakdown of all commission and revenue performance for the employee for that given day. It focuses more on the raw totals than the figures in the Mini Production Report and includes:

  • Total services sold
  • Total service commission
  • Total products sold
  • Total product commission
  • Total amount of refunds
  • Total amount of tips
  • Breakdown of production and non-production hours

Mini Time Clock Report
When generated, the Mini Time Card Report provides a list of clock-ins and clock-outs for the requested employee, during the requested pay period. Each day of the pay period is listed, along with any associated clock-ins and clock-outs. At the bottom of each employee listing is their total production and non-production hours.

Many locations require their staff members to print out these reports at the end of the day, as best practice. And, these reports provide staff members a clear overview of how they are performing during the workday.

If you have questions on this or any other SuperSalon point of sale feature, be sure to get in touch with us here.