SuperSalon Spring 2016 Newsletter

Thank you for your continued support of Rogers Software Development and SuperSalon salon management software. Our first Newsletter of 2016 has some exciting developments as well as helpful reminders for our valued customers and partners.


At the beginning of March, Rogers Software Development took the show on the road and exhibited at the International Beauty Show in New York City. This particular trade show attracts tens of thousands of stylists, salon owners and education professionals from around the globe and is known for introducing new trends and techniques for the beauty and personal services industry.

Our team was on hand to show off the latest developments in SuperSalon and iOffice, as well to demonstrate the new point of sale hardware offered by our partner, Elo. TSYS was also on hand to discuss secure payment processing and compliance with EMV and PCI standards. And, we were joined by our marketing partner, Group3, who helped explain how their marketing functions integrate seamlessly into SuperSalon’s point of sale. The information was well received by attendees and other exhibitors. If you have any questions about Elo, TSYS or Group3, please contact our sales team here.

The International Beauty Show gave The Rogers team the opportunity to learn more about the concerns of salon owners and managers across a broad spectrum of business models. The feedback we received indicates that ease of use and comprehensive reporting are key factors for business owners, while mobile functionality is becoming increasingly important. Secure, integrated payment processing was also a point our visitors discussed as being an essential component of their overall business needs.

Our team conveyed the benefits of SuperSalon’s point of sale, iOffice and our integration with secure payment processors like TSYS, to show how these technologies are delivering what the salon and spa industry demand – an all-in-one solution for managing and growing your business.

Our takeaways from the International Beauty Show have given us better direction in providing salon owners and managers a simple but robust solution for managing their businesses. It is this type of interaction that helps Rogers roadmap future releases of SuperSalon and iOffice to be even more comprehensive and powerful and to provide customers the most feature rich software to meet their growing business needs.

We won’t forget this incredible show and the interactions we had with attendees. The Rogers team would like to thank those who took the time to visit with us and we look forward to the next time.


It’s been nearly three months since Rogers Software Development was acquired by ProPoint Solutions, LLC and, in that time, a lot of exciting progress has been made.

The company’s new CEO, Raj Mahajan, has been working closely with our teams in Development, Quality Assurance, Customer Support and Marketing to drive a better experience for our customers and end users.

“We’re looking at new tools and technologies to help us better address our customers’ needs and expectations,” said Raj of these efforts. “This discovery process has introduced us to a number of new solutions that will help us manage knowledge, accounting, customer relations and development far more efficiently than in previous years. The outcome we expect is improvement in the way we develop new features, manage customer service and technical support, and deliver the best possible point of sale and back office the industry has.”

As part of this new effort, the company has formed several task forces to investigate new methods of continual improvement. These teams, from Development, Quality Assurance and other departments are working together to identify areas for improvement. Based on feedback from our customers, these teams will propose new procedures and practices to streamline development workflow, enhance quality and improve documentation for end users.

“We’re excited about the progress we’re making,” explains Raj. “And, we’re committed to improving making SuperSalon and iOffice to maintain our position as the most valuable point of sale and back office solutions available.”


In April, 2016, Rogers expects to launch the latest version of SuperSalon software, version 5.8. Along with stability fixes, 5.8 boasts exciting upgrades to features you know and love.

The Appointment Book has been revamped to give you the ability of zooming in or out, providing a more comprehensive view of the work day, week or month. We’ve also built additional columns into the appointment book to dramatically improve views for larger salons.

The Timeclock is now a popup window that users can access from any screen in SuperSalon. This allows employees to clock in or out with just two taps and without navigating away from the screen currently in use. The result is much faster Timeclock operation.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature is SuperSalon’s theming option. With the theming function, you can choose from a variety of color themes as well as enhanced or flat icons. This lets you tailor SuperSalon’s look and feel to your personal taste or to your corporate identity.

We’ve also enhanced SuperSalon’s SMS texting features to allow you to better control and hone how you communicate with your customers through a more intuitive interface.

With these improvements and enhancements, we’re confident that 5.8 will be the most robust version of SuperSalon yet. Upgrades are expected to begin by the middle of April. To get yours, simply contact our support department via email and we’ll get you scheduled.

Questions about 5.8? Be sure to contact us here.


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You can list your salon for free at Interested in hearing more about SalonCheckIn premium service? Contact a SuperSalon representative here.


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