SuperSalon SMS Features

An Overview of the Feature

Since the very earliest phases of its development, our team has envisioned SuperSalon as more than just a cash register program. Over the years, we have integrated features that have set the standard for salon management software everywhere. One such feature that set us apart is SuperSalon’s SMS text messaging feature which allows businesses to stay in touch with clients through the most popular and widely used communication medium today.

The system allows for text messages to be sent automatically, based on a wide array of criteria. These can be configured in the Software Settings of SuperSalon, underneath the “Marketing” and “SMS Text Messages” categories, as shown in the illustrated example below.


From here, business owners and authorized users can configure their SMS program exactly how they’d like. Personalized messages can be sent for the following events in SuperSalon 5.8:

  • Appointment Booking
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Checkout
  • Return Visit Reminder
  • Birthday Greetings

In each of the seven possible messages that can be sent, users can input up to 160 characters, and use variables that allow for them to be personalized by way of first name, appointment time, requested service, and/or price. Birthday messages and visit reminders will both address the clients by first name as well.

How to Get Started

Call or email our Sales department for the most current rates of SMS messaging packages. Bulk messages are offered at a very low price, and can be replenished at any time. After these have been attached to the SuperSalon POS, the process for sending them can then be configured and automated.

Clients can opt in to the SMS feature the same way they can opt in to our popular SalonCheckin feature. Located in the individual customer’s profile, along with their history, is a section where the SMS feature can be enabled for them for reminders and customized birthday greetings. Shown below is where this is toggled in the “Customer Preferences” section of their client profile.

If you’d like to know more about our SMS Messaging feature, or any other component of the SuperSalon point-of-sale system, please let us know via email or phone call, and we will be happy to assist you.