SuperSalon Partner Spotlight: SignSimple

One of the most compelling and effective methods of advertising to take shape in the last few years has been the platform of digital signage. Wherever we go nowadays whether it’s the local gas station, restaurant, or theme park, we see more businesses taking advantage of this medium, and reaping the rewards. Seeing this trend, ProPoint Solutions has partnered with SignSimple to provide the best digital signage solutions for salon owners and their clients.

Digital signage can best be defined as an electronic medium that enables business owners to deliver engaging and dynamic content to their clients, at the right place and time, to maximize results. The illustrated example below shows digital signage boards for five different companies, and demonstrates how this medium can really make a business stand out.


Advantages of Digital Signage with SignSimple

Adopting this method of advertising not only updates the perception of the salon with the public at large, but can also bring the following benefits as well:

  • Effortless synchronization for fast and accurate online check-in with the SuperSalon POS.
  • Support for multiple displays and/or projectors to ensure content is streamed throughout the location.
  • The ability to display video, local content, and/or other multimedia for clients to enjoy while waiting.
  • The ability for the location to continue advertising outside of business hours by directing the display towards windows.
  • Increased brand awareness and guest interaction that almost guarantees return visits.
  • An optional monetization strategy is also available for joint marketing with other local businesses and/or organizations.

What’s Needed to Get Started

ProPoint Solutions now offers installation, configuration, and support for SignSimple menu boards for use with the SuperSalon POS. The offering includes an easy to use web-based control panel that will allow anyone to modify and edit the content that’s being displayed. A quick list of things needed to get started is as follows:

  • Any display device such as a television, digital monitor, or other device that supports an HDMI connection.
  • Broadband Internet connection that can be either wireless or hard connected via ethernet.
  • A Google ChromeBox device, purchased and configured by ProPoint Solutions.
  • A location in the salon to place the menu board for maximum visibility, such as near the POS, product shelf, or waiting area.

Getting started is easy! To learn more about how to begin using this engaging medium to drive product and service sales and enhance your guests’ experience, contact sales at 888-458-1001 or