SuperSalon for Online Presence

Businesses that want to stay competitive in the 21st century marketplace need to have a strong Internet presence. However, with that, comes significant advantages such as the ability to advertise at a fraction of the cost seen by the previous generation. While print and traditional broadcast media style advertising certainly does still exist, and still has its place, small businesses can still reach a very wide audience via social media and other online platforms.

SuperSalon’s developers have noticed this trend, and have kept pace with it to the point where we have crafted power tools that can greatly assist business owners with growing their online presence. Tools like the SalonCheckin feature, Rate My Visit, and the SuperSalon mobile app have elevated our flagship POS from a simple cash register program, to an all-inclusive business solution. Here’s a quick breakdown of all three:



This extended SuperSalon feature allows salon clients to book services and check-in for their appointments via a customized website that ProPoint Solutions creates and maintains for them. No need for hiring programmers, website hosts, or an IT department! This feature can also be coupled with the SuperSalon Mobile App for even greater results.

Rate My Visit


Client feedback is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a high standard in service and professionalism. The Rate My Visit feature gives salon clients the ability to receive a discount on a future visit by filling in a survey they will be directed to online. The customer received will have all of the important information automatically generated with every sale.

SuperSalon Mobile App


With mobile platforms such as smart phones and tablets becoming more popular with each year, giving salon clients the ability to reach businesses via these devices has a clear advantage. With the SuperSalon Mobile App, we create a customized application that can be used in either the Android or iOS environments. This application can then be downloaded, and salon clients can book their appointments and perform other tasks from there.

With these three power tools, business owners can cultivate their online presence without having to contract expensive technical work, or even have any technical know-how themselves. If you have any questions on this or any other SuperSalon feature, please let us know via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist.