SuperSalon Customer Preference Settings

Being able to collect and store all of the information possible about your clients is critical to the success of your business. We at ProPoint Solutions have recognized this value for robust data collection, as well as detailed customer profiles, and have incorporated these features into the PoS since the first release of our software. The purpose of this article is to explain one of the many sections of the Customer Profile: the Customer Preferences.

To take a closer look at these preferences, go the Manager tab, then the Customers submenu, search for the desired client, and click on their entry. In their Customer Profile, the Customer Preferences interface is located on the very far right bottom, as shown in the illustration below.


Upon entering the Customer Preferences interface, the user is presented with five settings, each corresponding to a different aspect of the client experience. Unlike some of the other submenus in the Customer Profile, the Customer Preferences consist primarily of voluntary opt ins, as opposed to raw details. The exception being the two “Preferred Stylist” text fields, as shown below, followed by a breakdown of each setting.

Send SMS

  • Requires subscription to the SMS service, this service is independent of SalonCheckIn.
  • Triggers the sending of an SMS message when an appointment is confirmed.
  • Uses the cellphone field, “Appointment Alert Messages” field and “Appointment Confirmation Message” field for the default message (located in the POS under Setup -> Software Settings -> Marketing -> SMS & Email).
  • Also controls sending of birthday messages via SMS, loyalty changes or on new loyalty program enrollment messages.
  • If the SMS subscription service is not active and the option is enabled for a particular customer, nothing will happen.

Visit Reminder

  • Requires subscription to SMS service, this service is independent of SalonCheckIn.
  • If this option and “Send SMS” are selected, an SMS will be sent reminding the customer that they should return to the salon.
  • Uses the “Send message X days after checkout” (located in the POS under Setup -> Software Settings -> Marketing -> SMS & Email -> Return Visit Reminder Message) to control when the message is sent.

Allow Appointment Confirmation

  • This is a legacy option that used to tie in with our old (now unused) customer profile screen.
  • It precedes the “Customer Information (Private)” permission and used to mask the customers phone number if the option was enabled.
  • It essentially told the salon that they don’t have permission to contact the customer via phone to confirm appointments (in the days before SalonCheckIn).
  • A ticket (# TT18697) has been submitted to product management to update this functionality.

Allow Mailings

  • Does not tie in with SalonCheckIn or SMS.
  • Reports a “yes” or “no” in column “V” on the customer export from iOffice. Spreadsheet can be filtered based on the setting.
  • This is useful for your own marketing campaigns, but again, does not fire off any automatic mailings (snail mail, email, SMS, etc…).

Enable SalonCheckin

  • Functionality requires SalonCheckIn service to be enabled.
  • When checked, it creates a user account for that guest in SalonCheckIn without them needing to register manually.
  • A welcome email is sent to the address on record. This allows salons to invite their guests to use SCI. The welcome email is queued immediately when the option is “checked” and the customer profile is saved.