SuperSalon and Salon Risk Management Part Two: The Audit Trail Report

Two weeks ago we discussed some of the ways that SuperSalon and iOffice can help salon owners mitigate certain risks that are inherent to the industry. We talked about how owners can use the receipt printer options to store release forms, and how all compliance documentation is stored securely on the cloud. This week, we would like to showcase a very valuable report that keeps track of all changes within SuperSalon, and displays them in an easy to read format.

The Audit Trail report can answer questions about any changes to data fields in SuperSalon that have been made within any given timeframe. Located in the “Audit” section of the Reports tab, this resource can help protect business owners from risks like fraud and/or internal shrinkage. The illustrated example shown below displays an example of this report, run for the month of August 2019. Because the Record Type was set to “Employee”, we see changes that have been made to Employee Profiles.


There are six columns that provide information on every change that has been made to any employee profile during the timeframe of the report’s date range. Each column corresponds to the following metrics:

  • Employee Changed: The name of the employee whose profile was changed.
  • Field Changed: This column shows what information in the employee profile was changed.
  • Old Value: The information as it existed prior to the change.
  • New Value: The new information reflected in the employee profile after the change.
  • Change Date: Both the calendar date and the hour and minute timestamp of when the change was made are displayed in this column.
  • Changed By: The final column shows the authentication login that was used to enact the change.

There are many benign reasons for changing information in an employee profile, such as after a marriage or promotion. However, unauthorized changes to payroll information and other sensitive data might not fall into this category. This report can be the final say whenever possible incidents of mistrust arise, and access to it can be restricted to only the business owner via SuperSalon’s Permissions functionality.

There are several other resources in the “Audit” category of stock SuperSalon and iOffice reports that can assist business owners in keeping tabs on the finer details of their business. To learn more, check out our Knowledge Base where each of these reports has a detailed overview. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns about this or any of our other offerings, feel free to contact us at any time.