SuperSalon and Salon Risk Management: Part One

While owning any business comes with certain risks, there are unique ones to the beauty industry that can prove challenging when first starting. Mitigating these risks before they can become lawsuits should be a part of a salon’s daily practices and training. Maintaining a professional, safe, and clean location means that accidents will be unlikely.

The receipt printer options in the SuperSalon and iOffice enable users to create customized release forms that can be printed out prior to any chemical treatments being performed. Accidents and injuries that require more than first-aid are required by OSHA to be reported on in great detail.

Records of these incidents should include any chemicals that were involved if injuries are the result of a treatment. These are then kept on record via Chemical Release Report, and can include a digital signature.

For areas that require strict child record-keeping policies for salons, we have the Child Record Compliance report that can be referenced at any time . This gives owners a layer of liability protection and documentation that can be helpful in emergencies.

Both this and the Chemical Release features of SuperSalon and iOffice have the advantage of being stored on the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world whenever needed.

Features like these are the result of direct feedback from salon owners all over the country. Our partnerships with some of the most successful salons in the industry have allowed us to see what works best when it comes to helping salon owners mitigate the risks involved their businesses. To learn more about how SuperSalon can help you and your business stay successful, contact us today!