SuperSalon and Biometric Devices

With increasing concerns for security and loss prevention, many businesses have turned to more hard-coded methods of keeping their investment and business tools safe from fraudulent activities. One such method is the use of biometric scanners that tightly control who is given access to computer systems and other devices. Using this advanced technology to record different methods of biometric input (such as fingerprints or retinal scans) is becoming more commonplace as the technology becomes more available and affordable.

Newer tablets and personal electronic devices feature this technology, with fingerprint scanning used for access to the device. Because of this, it’s important that Rogers Software Development stay in step.

bioSuperSalon gives you the ability to integrate biometric readers into your system and it has built-in settings that help you configure it properly. The device we recommend for use with SuperSalon is the U-4500 USB Fingerprint Reader and you can learn more about it by contact one of our sales representatives.

With a fingerprint reader, SuperSalon users can configure their systems to prompt for a fingerprint before clocking in or out or accessing any part of the point of sale that requires a password. This means that SuperSalon’s entire authentication scheme can be based on the use of the fingerprint scanner – making it far more secure and easier to use.

This functionality was introduced in SuperSalon 5.6.5 and has since been optimized for best performance with SuperSalon 5.8. Salon owners who are currently using fingerprint readers have reported faster and more convenient operation of the point of sale with the need for keying in a lengthy password eliminated.

We encourage our customers to contact their sales representative to learn more about security and SuperSalon or for more information on readers and other peripherals.

Questions on SuperSalon’s point of sale security? Contact us here.