SuperSalon 5.9.7 is Almost Here!

A major update to the SuperSalon point of sale is right around the corner. SuperSalon 5.9.7 is the largest update to be released so far this year, and it contains several new features and bug fixes to help improve the user experience, from business owner to front line employee.

We at ProPoint Solutions are very proud of the hard work our Development and QA teams have put into this update, and this article will go over some of the highlights users can expect when it becomes available.

New and Expanded SMS Features

SuperSalon’s SMS capabilities have been augmented to include the ability to send 2 Way SMS messages to recipients, thereby greatly increasing its value as a communication tool. Relationships with salon clientele will become more personable, and marketing efforts will be more effective with this new enhancement.

Improved Accessibility and Security

With SuperSalon 5.9.7 comes a highly requested improvement to the opening drawer count procedure that usually takes place at the beginning of the workday. Now, when salon employees want to begin the salon opening in the POS, they can access the Opening submenu directly from the Sales screen. We have also added new permissions to cover Paid Ins/Outs, and other security improvements.

Expanded Card Processing Capabilities

This newest release contains expanded support to three processing methods of client and employee cards. Users of Aurus and Factor4 Gift Cards can now do so on an integrated basis, as opposed to standalone. And SuperSalon 5.9.7 also comes with support for processing and fulfilling ADP Tip Cards, and convenient solution for salon staff to receive their tips on a secure debit card.

More Detailed Information

Our Knowledge Base contains an update by update breakdown of this, and all of our other releases for 2018. We have also created the video below as a fast overview of the improvements that are included in this update. As always, we encourage all of our partners to keep those suggestions for improvements coming, and we will continue to integrate them when we can.