SuperSalon 5.8 Report Terminology: Gross vs Net

Users of SuperSalon and iOffice enjoy one of the most comprehensive suites of reporting tools available for the beauty and personal services industry. Every aspect of your business can be tracked and reported on within the SuperSalon point of sale and iOffice. However, understanding terminology is an important in order to get the most out of this reporting. This article will help clarify one of SuperSalon’s most widely used reporting metrics.

Gross vs Net

Gross refers to the amount of money the location collected before discounts are subtracted from the total. Net refers to the amount of money the location collected after discounts are subtracted from the gross amount. Neither figure includes sales tax or employee tips in their total.

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When iOffice is reporting Net and Gross, it is referring to the transaction data that is generated from employees entering tickets into the system. Since Net and Gross are dependent on ticket information, it’s important to ensure the check-out process is done correctly. A mis-entered ticket can potentially create inaccurate reporting.

iOffice has the ability to divide Net and Gross between product and service sales. In situations like this, the information is calculated the same way but based on the sales data only. Since iOffice calculates the individual items on a ticket when reporting this information, tickets that include both products and services are accurately reported.

Because gift cards and certificates do not fall under products or services, they are tracked separately. When a gift card or certificate is purchased by the customer, it will have no effect on either the Net or Gross calculation for product and service sales.

Product and service Net and Gross is only affected at the time a gift card or certificate is actually redeemed. When redeemed, it factors into the Total Net or Total Gross figures.

The iOffice and SuperSalon reporting features are intended to be comprehensive and detailed. By understanding their terminology, salon owners are better able to produce reports that are relevant to their business goals.

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