Cleaning your Point of Sale: Data Driven

For hair salons and other businesses in the beauty industry, cleanliness is important year-round. From constant sterilization of equipment to the unending battle to prevent the floor from turning into a gigantic dreadlocked carpet via ubiquitous sweeping, following behind in salon related cleaning duties is a recipe for disaster and lost business.

But what about your salon’s POS system? SuperSalon is, for the most part, self maintaining. However, there are simple tasks users can perform to keep their systems working at peak efficiency, and prevent slowdowns. Many times these easy to do preventative tasks can be all that’s needed to prevent salon staff from having to place a call to tech support.

Increase Your Speed by Clearing the Browser Cache

When browsing or even streaming music from the same browser that reports SuperSalon, temporary Internet files can interfere with the smooth operation of the point-of-sale.

For the record, we do not recommend any Internet browsing on the same PC as SuperSalon. However, for locations that do, we recommend clearing your browser cache often to keep SuperSalon running its best. For detailed information on how to perform this task for each browser, please refer to this website for in-depth instructions.

Merge Duplicate Customer Records to Reduce Database Clutter

During peak times in a busy salon, sometimes salon staff can mistakenly enter an existing customer into the system as a new one. While this is a very common mistake, it can result in several duplicates of a single customer, thereby throwing off reporting metrics and creating inaccuracies with loyalty points. This most often happens when clients give a different phone number from their initial visit.

Because it is so important to maintain a customer list that is as accurate as possible, we have made it easy to merge multiple customer records into one. The process itself is as easy as creating a new ticket, and can be performed quite easily by a frontline employee. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to merge these customer records, please refer to our knowledge base article on the subject.

These two software related maintenance/cleanup tasks are easy to perform and can be added to the regular maintenance schedule of the salon itself. Stay tuned to this blog for the next post which will showcase some helpful maintenance tips for your SuperSalon hardware. Until then, if you have any questions on this or any other aspect of our offerings, please let us know and we will be happy to assist!