Solidifying your Customer Base with SalonCheckin

Customer retention is key to the success of any business, perhaps even more so in the beauty industry. With repeat customers, a salon enterprise is guaranteed to survive and flourish in a time when the industry has never been more competitive. Salon owners have several strategies at their disposal to keep clients coming back, but users of SuperSalon have probably the best one: SalonCheckin.

Appointments that are booked through the SalonCheckin power tool, whether through a website or mobile app, are instantly transmitted to the SuperSalon point-of-sale in the location. Salon staff are then alerted that a new online appointment has been set, who was requested for the service, and the exact time when the client is expected to arrive.

This extension of SuperSalon is one of our most popular power tools because it offers salon clients the opportunity to book their services with their favorite stylist from the convenience of an online resource. Coupled with our mobile app, the power tool becomes even more effective in retaining current clients, as well as gaining new ones.

The importance of having a strong online presence can’t be understated in the digital age. This is why power tools like SalonCheckin are so effective, because they fill that need for companies that might not have the time or resources to cultivate that presence on their own. For companies who already do have an online presence, SalonCheckin augments it with another layer of interactivity.

With its most recent update to version 2.4, SalonCheckin has never been better. The hundreds of salons who utilize it have enjoyed great results that have paid for the investment many times over. Integrated features like Reserve with Google offer salon clients an almost effortless way to keep returning to their favorite locations, and a reliable way for salon owners to enjoy repeat business.

If you are a user of SuperSalon, and are not yet taken advantage of the SalonCheckin power tool, what are you waiting for?

Call our Sales department today and get started with this resource that will almost guarantee a steady stream of repeat business for a long time to come!