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Small Business Owners


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Simplify Your Operations

Get real-time visibility to your operation, from customer checkin to managing services to inventory to product ordering. All the salon point of sale tools you need to make your business thrive.

Seamlessly bring everything together in one place with the multiple payment types, digital receipt capabilities, prescriptive inventory ordering, customer activity reporting, fingerprint checkin, barcode scanning and printing, and more.

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Keep More Cash

Hang on to more of your profit and preserve operational cash on hand with built-in financial management tools that give you simplified analyses of all your capital allocations, days-on-hand reporting and visibility to free inactive cash.

Sales-to-Payroll reporting offers integrated calculation for percentage of gross payroll to total sales percentage. Traffic-based staffing tools enable prescriptive scheduling that allows you to optimize labor with store traffic.

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Manage Everything Together

Think of SuperSalon as your personal planner, analyzer, tracker, predictor and trusted advisor, powered to help you organize, optimize and thrive. SuperSalon’s intuitive salon management platform makes it easy to seamlessly bring everything you need under one umbrella to be successful.

Manage every aspect of your business, and balance your business in convenient and integrated ways. Everything from the essentials – such as guest management, employee scheduling, payroll, inventory, marketing and reporting – to customer loyalty, staff retention, prescriptive inventory ordering to maximize return on investment, and more.

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Realize More Efficiencies

See your bottom line at a glance. Born from the real needs of salon owners of all sizes, SuperSalon eliminates the complexities of operating your business and restores balance back to your routine by doing more of the legwork for you.

Get timely insights across your enterprise, when and how you need it. Simplify and reduce operational decision making tasks, mitigate risks to cash, and expertly wear all the hats of your business, with the ability to confidently do more without added expense.

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Create Happier Customers

Create a more integrated and intuitive customer experience with intelligent customer solutions like convenient self checkin kiosks, online and smartphone booking capabilities, mobile apps, SMS notifications, RateMyVisit online stylist rating, loyalty programs and more.

The Perfect Solution for Small Business Owners

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Eliminate the Learning Curve

Easy to Use, Intuitive and Powerful

Easy to use, natural and powerful. Easy graphical interfaces make learning to use SuperSalon a snap. Team members will find it to be intuitive tool in no time – empowering them to spend more time creating amazing experiences for your customers.

Keep your learning process simple by selectively enabling only the features you want or need the most and tailor SuperSalon to meet your specific business needs.