Setting Up Factor4 Gift Cards

Secure gift card options are an excellent way to foster customer loyalty, and ensure profitability by allowing locations to receive revenue before any services are even performed. SuperSalon provides several reliable solutions for gift cards, the newest being our partnership with Factor4. This standalone system is a popular option for business owners throughout the US and Canada.

This blog post will go over the step-by-step instructions involved in setting up Factor4 gift cards to be used for the SuperSalon salon management system. The process shown here assumes that the user has the proper access to edit SuperSalon’s Payment Methods.

Factor4 Gift Card Set up Instructions

Step 1: Enable the Gift functions of SuperSalon by going to Setup > Software Settings > Marketing > Loyalty and Gifts, and clicking on “Enable Gift Certificate System” so that a green check mark appears. Also, be sure that “Prevent Negative Gift Certificate Balances” is set to the red “X”.

Step 2: Modify of Add a new Gift Type that will correspond with the Factor4 system.

Step 3: Enable the ability to leave fullscreen mode in SuperSalon with the F11 key by performing the following procedure with each SuperSalon shortcut, including the one in the main C:\SuperSalon directory:

  • Right Click on the icon.
  • Left Click on “Properties”.
  • Remove “–kiosk” from the text shown in the “Target” field.
  • Repeat for each shortcut.

Step 4: Open Chrome, navigate to , and save it as a shortcut. Fill out all the appropriate information, as provided by Factor4, and click “Sign In”.

Step 5: Save the password into Chrome for easier logging in for future use.

Step 6: Add a quick shortcut to the web terminal by using the following procedure.

  • Right Click on any empty space on the Desktop.
  • Select “New”, and then “Shortcut”.
  • Type “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”  (exactly as it appears, quotes and all) into the given text field.
  • Click “Next”, give the shortcut an appropriate name, and click “Finish”

For locations who are not currently using gift card solutions, we cannot recommend Factor4 enough. As shown in this article, the set up is very easy, and the rewards in terms of client loyalty and profitability speak for themselves. For more information on how to get started with Factor4, contact our Sales department today!