SalonCheckin and Reserve with Google Update

After our initial announcement of the collaboration with Google on the improvement of our SalonCheckin and Mobile Apps extended features, we have seen an increased interest in these programs from our clients. Email and phone inquiries have both had the same general theme of “how can this help my business?”, so this blog post will touch on just some of the ways SalonCheckin with the Reserve with Google integration can help catapult your salon traffic in ways never before thought possible.

Direct Connection to New Local Customers

Reserve with Google takes SuperSalon’s SalonCheckin feature, and fuses it with its search engine and Google Maps to allow  anyone actively searching for salon services to not only easily find your salon but also to effortlessly view and reserve your available services.  Because your available services and stylist availability are integrated directly into Google Search, there is no need for a potential customer to register on a website or use an app – with Salon CheckIn and Reserve with Google, all your next new customer needs to find you is a need for services and a connected device! the

It is also extremely easy to use, and anyone can schedule services from its intuitive interface, as shown in the animation below.


Amplify the Visibility of Your Brand

All of this means anyone close to you will now easily find you if they’re looking for a haircut, giving your organization a  similar  opportunity for visibility as many paying for Search Engine Optimization. And again, we offer this extension of SalonCheckin at no extra cost to our clients who use it.

Learn More and Get Started Today!

The Reserve with Google feature is a partnership of several personal service organizations handpicked by Google for their scope and client satisfaction rate. To learn more about the development and implementation of this new feature of Google, check out their most recent blog post on the subject, posted here.

SuperSalon clients who have not yet taken advantage of our SalonCheckin extended feature will be glad to know that the reserve with Google extension will always be a free part of this feature. For more information on how you can get started with both, send us an email at, or call our sales department at 1-888-458-1001.