Reserve with Google: Four Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Continuing the weekly showcase of our SuperSalon enhancement modules, we’d like to describe the benefits of one of our most effective ones: the Reserve With Google extension to SalonCheckin. With this upgrade of an already amazing feature, salon clients are able to Google your locations, book their appointments, request their stylist, and more.

This feature requires an active Salon Check in/Mobile App enhancement module, and is almost guaranteed to drive traffic to your salons. The partnership between Google and SuperSalon has been a few years in the making, and has resulted in a resource that that both enhances the client experience, and functions as a perfect passive marketing strategy.

Four of the Best Benefits of Reserve with Google

Combining the power of Reserve with Google and SuperSalon’s SalonCheckin features grant many benefits for salon owners that are seen almost immediately. We’ve narrowed down the four that we’ve found to be the most useful as follows:

  • Increased Salon Traffic: It won’t just be existing clients who are looking you up, and booking services with your salon. By using this enhancement module, salon owners put themselves closer to the top of search rankings, depending on the proximity to the customer.
  • A Streamlined Booking Experience: The user interface for the Reserve with Google functionality is as easy to use as any of their other offerings. Salon clients are able to navigate the interface quickly, and confirm their appointments at your locations with ease.
  • Easy Passive Marketing: This feature automatically puts your locations at the top of the Google search rankings, depending on how close they are to the clients searching for them. This is an effortless way to put your name out into the public, and put your best face forward.
  • GPS-Based Geolocation: The Reserve with Google enhancement module also comes with an integration with Google Maps. With it, potential clients can easily find your salon, and even have accurate driving and traffic information along their way.

This enhancement module is one that we are very proud of, and are eager to share it with as many salon owners as possible. For more information on how you can get started with this incredible feature right away, please contact our Sales department at 888-458-1001 ext. 3. Don’t miss out on these incredible benefits that this feature provides to add your overall salon success strategy.