ProPoint Solutions 1st Quarter Update 2018

Wrapping up the first quarter of 2018, ProPoint solutions finds itself building on the successes of previous years, and solidifying its position as an industry leader for many years to come. We would like to take this opportunity to update our clients, shareholders, and well-wishers on what we have accomplished in this first quarter, as well as what is to come as the year progresses.

Additions to Our Leadership Team

Continuing our long-standing tradition of recruiting the best talent, ProPoint Solutions is happy to announce two new additions to our senior staff:

Michelle Cilip, Director of Technical Support and Customer Service

Michelle brings support center and project management experience to the ProPoint team. In her first few weeks leading the Support team, Michelle has already implemented changes designed to enhance support center efficiency and improve customer experience when engaging with support.

Michelle is committed to improving overall customer satisfaction by implementing new policies, procedures and tools that will create a smooth and efficient experience for customers whether they are using the software or requesting support. We are very excited to have Michelle leading our support group.

Adam Chose, Business Development and Sales Manager

Adam brings over 10 years of experience working with franchisees in the beauty industry to his new role at ProPoint, which includes leading the sales team and continuing to facilitate communication between our company and our customers.

Adam’s responsibilities also include managing pilot phase launches of new integrations, strategic product planning and new business development. Adam is looking forward to improving customer experience for new and legacy customers in this leadership role.


New SuperSalon Releases

Our flagship offering, SuperSalon, is in a constant state of improvement and enhancement by our Development team. Maintaining our reputation as the best salon management system in the industry is no easy task, but with direct input from our users, we are able to rise to the challenge of keeping SuperSalon ahead of the technical and usability curve with each release.

SuperSalon 5.9.6 – Released in Q1

The first part of 2018 brought with it this major release that has spent several months in the development and fine tuning stages. A full list of the improvements and corrections that have been made with this release can be found on our Knowledge Base, but some of the highlights include:

  • Several enhancement and stability improvements that have resulted in speedier and more efficient operation.
  • The new ability to sort tickets based on user chosen criteria.
  • Improvements to how Customer Points are displayed on hardcopy receipts.
  • Corrections and fixes to several aspects of the point-of-sale that have been brought to our attention by frontline users.

SuperSalon 5.9.7 – Coming in Q2

This coming quarter will see yet another release of the SuperSalon point-of-sale with even more improvements and updates to our clients’ favorite features. Though still in the development and quality assurance phase of the project, here is a sneak peek get some of the improvements users can expect:

  • Two-way SMS will be integrated into the system, opening up an entire new realm of possibilities for customer communication and retention.
  • A long-awaited improvement to the Help tab will include the addition of learning materials and the integration of the SuperSalon Knowledge Base.
  • The Opening feature will be added to the main Sales screen to allow easier access for staff members.
  • New Permission settings, new gift integrations, and much more.


New SuperSalon Integrations

Along with the updates in the software itself, the first quarter of 2018 has seen the integration of two third-party features to enhance both the user and client experience. We at ProPoint Solutions are proud to announce the following two inclusions to our salon management system that have been integrated during the first part of this year:

ADP Tip Cards

This new feature of SuperSalon allows salon staff members to receive their tips on a preconfigured card as opposed to receiving cash directly from the register. This will help to simplify the closeout process, and ensure that all salon staff receive their hard-earned tips in an efficient and convenient manner. This feature is available to our clients without the need for them to switch over to the entire ADP payroll system.

Aurus Integrated Card Processing

Though technically part of the SuperSalon family of integrated card processors since last year, several improvements to this platform have been made as of the release of SuperSalon 5.9.6. These improvements make it more accessible and reliable, as well as expand its features to include the following:

  • Now uses a digital signature for increased security.
  • Californian pole display support has now been integrated.
  • The dependence on Java has been removed, making it faster and more reliable.
  • Integration with SuperSalon’s Memberships feature has been fully developed and completed.


Updates to the SuperSalon Knowledge Base

In addition to our offerings, our help and learning materials continue to grow and develop as well. Last year’s release of the SuperSalon Knowledge Base has resulted in easier training and on boarding of new users, as well as a reduced number of instances where salon staff feel the need to call the Support department.

This year’s updates to the Knowledge Base are designed to expand its scope and usability, as well as enable it to serve as a hub for all documentation and reference purposes for our offerings. Some of the Q1 updates for this resource include:

  • The inclusion of all new ProPoint solutions product release notes for the current year for quick and easy reference.
  • Two new print quality PDF “cheat sheets” have been crafted to assist in ongoing training, as well as serve as a quick visual reference when needed.
  • Many newly added topics covering features such as Customer Points, Royalties, and Wait Time rules.

We at ProPoint Solutions would like to thank both our clients and staff for contributing to the ongoing successes of our offerings, and ultimately, the profitability of our clients’ business ventures. The dynamic relationship between our team and those whom we serve will always be the defining factor in every improvement we make.

Therefore we encourage all of our clients and staff to keep giving us suggestions on how we can do better, and we maintain our commitment to integrate the best of those suggestions. We hope that 2018 has been a profitable year for you thus far, and that the momentum continues for you with each passing quarter.