Overview of 5.9.7 SMS Capabilities

With the release of 5.9.7, SuperSalon now has extended capabilities for the SMS messaging feature. Now, instead of only one way communication between a location and its client base SuperSalon allows for two-way communication where clients can actually respond to text messages. This new capability comes at no additional cost for current clients using our SMS extended service, and this blog post will go over some of the highlights of this improved feature.

The New Settings and Messaging Modules

Located in the Software Settings, under “Marketing”, and then “SMS & Email”, are the new configuration options and message modules for the updated SMS functionality. The illustrated example below shows these new settings, and below that are there associated explanations.


Breakdown of Settings

  • Appointment Booking Notice Times: Appointments booked within the timeframe selected with this button will not send a text message for a reminder. For example: if set to 2 Hours, and appointment cannot be booked within two hours if the user wants a text message sent.
  • Enable outgoing SMS Messaging: When set to the affirmative with a green check, this enables SuperSalon to automatically send SMS messages, based on the set criteria.
  • Enable incoming SMS Messaging: Setting this to disabled with a red X will disable the 2 way functionality of the SMS feature.
  • Automatically turn on text messaging options for new customers: Setting this to the affirmative with a green checkmark will configure SuperSalon to automatically issue a text message whenever a new client is entered into the system, based on their given phone number. Note that this setting is not retroactive, and all current clients will need to be added to the SMS feature manually, following the instructions in the section below.
  • SMS Account Balance: This section of the settings shows the current balance on the locations messaging quota.
  • Send Test SMS: This section of the settings us below the messaging modules, and allows users to send a test message containing the content of any of the aforementioned modules to a single mobile number. The number is added into the text field, the module is selected with the “Type of message” button, and the final sending is accomplished by clicking on the “Send SMS” button.

The Messaging Modules

The messaging modules are the preset SMS messages that are sent out to the clients, based on many associated variables. Many also contain toggles for specific time frames for the messages to be sent, bearing in mind that messages can only be issued from the system during regular salon hours.



These modules can be broken down as follows:

  • Appointment Booking Messages: When an appointment is booked for an SMS enabled salon customer, a message will be sent to their mobile device. The module can be enabled or disabled with the green checkmark beneath the text field and variables list.
  • Appointment Confirmation Message: This will issue a text message to confirm the appointment of an SMS enabled salon customer. The two way functionality allows the customer to then send back a confirmation.
  • Appointment Reminder Message: Salon customers who are enabled and SMS will receive reminders for their upcoming appointment, based on the preconfigured time frame.
  • Checkout Alert Message: When a salon customer settles their bill with the location, a text message will be sent to their mobile device with an outline of their purchase.
  • Return Visit Reminder Message: This text message is sent to salon clients who have enabled SMS in their Customer Profiles, and who have not revisited the location during a preset determine amount of time.
  • Waiting List Message: These text messages are sent to SMS enabled clients who are currently at the location, and are waiting to be served. The two-way messaging capability of SMS allows them to respond with the following variables:
  1. HERE: This allows them to keep their place in line.
  2. LATE: Customers who respond with this message will notify the location they are running behind.
  3. REMOVE: Sending this response will have their ticket removed from the Sales screen of SuperSalon.
  • Birthday Alert Message: This message can be configured to be sent out at a predetermined time prior to a salon client’s birthday, and can also be set up for a specific send time during the day. NOTE: Messages can only be sent from a location during their business hours.