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Raj Mahajan is the current CEO and President of ProPoint Solutions, LLC (dba Rogers Software Development). Raj was previously the founder and Managing Partner of Basswood Capital, the acquiring company of Rogers Software Development.

Prior to founding Basswood Capital, Raj’s experience spans across numerous industries from both an operation and advisory capacity. Raj has spent the majority of his career as an investment banker, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, special situations and transaction options.

His career catalog includes Duff & Phelps, where he structured and negotiated terms for the sale of a $185 million hospitality staffing company; Cisco systems, where he developed the financial and strategic roll-out of a $300 million hardware business; Analysys Mason Consulting, where he developed analysis and recommendations for British Telecom senior management; and Wave Equity Partners, where he initiated, developed and executed the company’s search strategy for investing in companies between $5 and $100 million.

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