One List to Rule Them All: The SuperSalon Centralized Customer Database

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One of the hallmarks of success for a salon owner is to have multiple locations, or be part of a vibrant franchise of several stores. However with this success comes a unique set of challenges in the form of keeping your customer data organized. Luckily, users of SuperSalon can rely on the Centralized Customer Database (CCD), a power tool that is a consistent favorite among our multi location clients.

How does the CCD Work?

For businesses with multiple locations, the CCD acts as a single unified customer list that is updated with every upload from the salon POS software. When a salon client who normally goes to your Main Street location shows up to the one on the other side of town, the following information will be available for the manager there:

  • Contact and other personal information from their Customer Profile.
  • All service notes, color cards, and other personal care preferences.
  • Loyalty and/or Customer Points, as well as the ability to edit them as needed.
  • The clients’ entire previous visit history from all locations that are using the CCD.

The only thing not available to be retrieved from the CCD is the transactional information for each settled ticket.

Benefits for Salon Owners

Having all of your customer data neatly organized in one place contributes greatly to the effectiveness of your salon POS system. More than this, it paves the way for a better customer experience as well. Salon owners who utilize the Centralized Customer Database as a supplement to SuperSalon can expect the following benefits:

  • All customers are tracked as a single client in each location that you own, eliminating confusion and providing sanity.
  • More repeat visits thanks to a feeling of continuity for your clients who know that they can go to any one of your locations, and receive the same detailed Services.
  • Better security and peace of mind for business owners by preventing customers from “double dipping” during special promotions.
  • All processes in the CCD are completely automated, preventing human error that results in multiple customer profiles and/or data entry mistakes in contact information.
  • Better clarified multi-store reporting of sales figures and customer activity by using a single consolidated list to draw from.

For salon owners who oversee multiple locations in their overall business, the CCD is an indispensable tool for both record-keeping and customer care. It not only brings much-needed organization and clarity, it also contributes to the experience of your most precious resource: your clients. If you are not using it, we highly recommend that you contact our Sales department today for information on how to get you started up!