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Company News

29Aug, 2018

Synchronizing Salon Permission Settings

The store sync feature of iOffice is one of its most useful and widely used tools for accounts that have multiple locations. With it, users are able [...]

22Aug, 2018

Processing Tax Exempt Sales

Many areas of North America and Canada have programs in place that allow for certain clients to be exempt from sales taxes. These could be for either [...]

9Aug, 2018

Crafting a New Pay Period in SuperSalon

At times, the payroll process for a business requires flexibility in how staff are scheduled and how they are subsequently paid. SuperSalon allows you to configure multiple [...]

19Jul, 2018

SuperSalon 5.9.7 is Almost Here!

A major update to the SuperSalon point of sale is right around the corner. SuperSalon 5.9.7 is the largest update to be released so far this year, [...]