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Company News

19Jul, 2018

SuperSalon 5.9.7 is Almost Here!

A major update to the SuperSalon point of sale is right around the corner. SuperSalon 5.9.7 is the largest update to be released so far this year, [...]

12Jul, 2018

Adding Sub Items to Existing Services

Locations will sometimes need to augment the prices of their Service offerings based on certasin circumstances. A good example of this would be an extra charge attached [...]

4Jul, 2018

Managing Price Groups in SuperSalon

With so many different business models in the salon industry, it is a constant challenge to ensure that our offerings can accommodate them all. The flexibility of [...]

27Jun, 2018

Configuring a Pole Display in SuperSalon

SuperSalon comes with built-in support for several peripherals and and devices, right out-of-the-box. Users can take advantage of the most modern retail sales devices available such as [...]

20Jun, 2018

Changing Appointments into Tickets

Giving business owners the ability to customize their user experience of SuperSalon down to the finest detail has been an important part of its ongoing development. As of [...]

14Jun, 2018

Updating Sales Tax Quickly and Easily

Changes to state and local tax policies can often be fast and unexpected. Keeping up with these rates and changes to percentages, and then applying them to [...]