Company News

29Nov, 2018

Managing Updates for Multiple Locations

SuperSalon 5.9.8 is just around the corner, bringing several new features and improvements that our Development team has been working hard on for some time. This is [...]

14Nov, 2018

The Convenience of Quick Keys

SuperSalon has many features that assist its users in moving through the ticket and sales process as quickly as possible. One of these is the Quick Keys [...]

8Nov, 2018

Coming Soon: Email Receipts

In keeping with our commitment to always stay at the forefront of the current technical landscape, ProPoint is happy to announce that a new feature for the [...]

25Oct, 2018

Overview of 5.9.7 SMS Capabilities

With the release of 5.9.7, SuperSalon now has extended capabilities for the SMS messaging feature. Now, instead of only one way communication between a location and its [...]

11Oct, 2018

Senior Director of Product Management

What is the job? Product Management is responsible for determining and deciding on the WHAT and WHY we should build for current and future customers. Product Management [...]