Company News

3Jan, 2019

Setting Up Taxes in SuperSalon

With a new year comes new tax rates for many locations throughout the US. Luckily, SuperSalon comes with easy to use tax implementation tools right out of [...]

2Jan, 2019

Setting Up Factor4 Gift Cards

Secure gift card options are an excellent way to foster customer loyalty, and ensure profitability by allowing locations to receive revenue before any services are even performed. [...]

19Dec, 2018

Transferring Items to and from the Backbar

Shuffling display and back bar items between statuses is made very easy with the SuperSalon salon management system. Using the Inventory Manager, salon staff can perform this [...]

18Dec, 2018

Marketing MBA Intern

SuperSalon (ProPoint Solutions) is growing fast and we’re looking for a talented and highly motivated MBA Intern to “earn the job” to lead our complete marketing function [...]