New and Improved SuperSalon Enhancement Requests

Both SuperSalon and iOffice are in a constant state of improvement. With each new version that is released, we are committed to fine-tuning our salon management system in a way that best serves salon owners across the world. The vast majority of these improvements are the result of direct client input via the Enhancement Request process we’ve had in place for several years now.

Recently, we have updated and streamlined the submission process for these requests. In the past, our clients would have to write or call in to the Support team, and then receive a ticket number to hold onto until the enhancement is approved and/or released. This often proved frustrating for clients who were eager to see the requested change implemented right away, or who were in the dark as to its status.

We are very pleased to announce that we have streamlined the process considerably, and added a layer of transparency to it that we believe our customers will appreciate. Shown below is the new Enhancement Portal, and it is the brainchild of James Rowe, our Director of Customer and Product Engagement, who describes it like this:

This “Feeds the Feedback” conversation and allows our product team to be more transparent on the things being added to the Product Roadmap.  This new enhancement portal also allows our users to comment and vote on features submitted by others.

We are currently adding the enhancements from the old system over the course of the next few weeks/months.  Having a backlog based on direct user feedback will really continue to drive the direction.  Making it public really helps to continue the conversation amongst our users.



To create a new enhancement request, users can click or tap on the “Add an enhancement” button, as shown below.



This will then populate a form shown in the illustrated example that contains all the important information needed for the request to be submitted to the Development team.


Once submitted, the request will be shown on the Enhancement Portal where clients can keep up with its status. Others may find the enhancement to be a good idea as well, so we have implemented the ability for users to vote on the existing requests that they like. The filters on the left side of the portal also allow for browsing all existing requests to prevent duplicates.

We will keep working hard on improving our offerings, and wholeheartedly appreciate any input our clients can give us in this endeavor. All requests are given full consideration, and with new layers of transparency, salon owners can have peace of mind knowing that we are hard at work fulfilling their specific need for their salon management system.