Matt Rogers – Board Member and Founder

m-rogersMatt began his foray into software development nearly 30 years ago in the unlikely career as a delivery driver for an Alaskan-based beer distributor. At the time, Matt saw an opportunity to use product management software to enhance his company’s efficiency. With the assistance of a developer, Matt was able to guide the project into a successful software package that sold throughout the US and abroad. The company, Phillip Morris, was impressed enough make an offer for the rights, prompting the software’s sale by Matt and his partner.

Not satisfied with settling down, Matt began looking for franchise opportunities and came to the salon industry shortly thereafter. He began opening salons in Alaska and quickly realized that the point of sale software available at the time was insufficient to handle the business objectives of growing salons or multiple locations.

Matt set to work on developing a web-based solution for salons with a focus on multiple locations and reducing bottle-necking typical in day-to-day salon management. It was then SuperSalon Point of Sale software was born.

SuperSalon’s first customer was a salon franchise with 100 locations. The software gained popularity throughout the US and soon spurred 8 years of 100% + growth for Rogers Software Development. It is currently used in over 10,000 salons worldwide and Matt continues to guide the company’s software development team to enhance, improve and expand its capabilities.